Oswestry Borders u3a

Older people determining their own lifelong learning, creativity and interests


What is u3a? A world-wide organisation which encourages and enables people, no longer in full-time employment, to help each other share their knowledge, skills, interests and experience.

The u3a celebrates the capabilities and potential of older people. It acknowledges their value to society. It aims to help members discover new horizons, benefits and enjoyment in learning.

It isn’t about formal classes, with qualifications, but about providing opportunities for members to get together to ‘learn, laugh and live’ – share and enjoy things that interest them.

What do we do? The life-blood of a u3a is its interest groups. We have 20 groups, usually meeting in members’ homes, where you can take up new interests, make new friends, and have fun.

Can I attend? You are welcome to visit two Interest Group meetings of your choice or two of our monthly Speaker meetings to see for yourself before making any commitment to join.

What does it cost? For 2022 the annual subscription fee is £15. For those who join from 1st July onward it’s £12, those joining from 1st October onwards pay £9 and those joining from 1st January onwards pay £6.  There is a £1 charge for each Speaker meeting (refreshments included). Members of other u3a’s can join Oswestry Borders u3a for a reduced yearly membership fee of £11 as capitation to the Third Age Trust is not charged twice.

Do we do anything else? We also arrange outings during the year through our Travel Group as well as social events.

Our Third Age Trust membership number is 957/935/13.